Monday, July 29

Day 1
Registrations and badges

Opening Remarks
  • Giorgio Natili Amazon Kindle

Keynote: Programming with Purpose
  • Ish Shabazz Illuminated Bits

To mock ’to mock a mockingbird’
  • Daniel Steinberg Dim Sum Thinking

How to Include Machine Learning in your iOS App
  • Miriam Friedel


You Belong With Me: An Extension Love Story
  • Neem Serra Slalom

The Reactive Code That Broke My Brain and Changed My Mind (just in time for Combine)
  • Lou Franco Trello

Straying From the Happy Path: Taking Control of Errors in Swift
  • Jeff Kelley Detroit Labs

Testing. Testing. One. Two.
  • Cavelle Benjamin GE

Protocol Oriented Programming
  • Rob Napier Jaybird

The challenges in building a social app using swift
  • Alicia Carr

Encoding and Decoding in Swift
  • Kaitlin Mahar MongoDB

Bringing A Stock-Style Ticker to Tinder
  • Thomas Yoon Tinder

Splitting Views - The Nitty-Gritty of Container View Controllers
  • Calvin Chestnut WeedMaps

Voiceover On...
  • Leena Mansour PagerDuty

Keynote: Clean Agile
  • Robert C. Martin Uncle Bob Consulting LLC

Tuesday, July 30

Day 2
Keynote: Make room for all, not war!: Inclusion means all y'all
  • Diana Rodriguez VoiceThread

What Happens When iOS Turns Against You
  • Sam Marshall Tinder

Don't Join a Cult. Learn Mindfulness.
  • Jackson MacKenzie Akamai Technologies

Recognize text, facial features, and objects in images with ML Kit for Firebase (1.5h)
  • Todd Burner Google

To the Core of Core NFC
  • Nelida Velazquez Detroit Labs

Code Golfing
  • Jason Zurita Warby Parker


Accessibility -> Up to 11!
  • Dani Devesa Skyscanner

Mutation Testing: An Automated Technique for Better Tests
  • Sean Olszewski Pivotal

SwiftUI Animations and Gestures (4h)
  • Meng To Design+Code

So you want to build an ARKit app
  • Namrata Bandekar Ray Wenderlich

Cut Corners to Accomplish More: How a minimally viable app, became #1 of Health and Fitness apps
  • Ian Thomas WeCroak

What time is it? (Seriously, how does your phone know that)
  • Michael Helmbrecht Archipelago Analytics

Free Cocoa: hack mobile app and skim the cream
  • Kamil Borzym

How We Scaled App Development at Wayfair with 100+ app developers
  • Arnaud Lucas Wayfair

Going one step further into ARKit with CoreML and Turi Create
  • Soojin Ro WEBTOON

Remote Connections: Fostering Relationships in Distributed Teams
  • Kathleen Chung MetaLab

SwiftUI: Declarative UI development for the modern era
  • Marc Prud'hommeaux Glimpse I/O