Monday, June 18

Day 1
Opening Remarks
Keynote: Accidentally Famous
  • Robert C. Martin Uncle Bob Consulting LLC

Patterns & Methodologies for Test Suite Design
  • Ish Shabazz

NSURLProtocol: Stupid Secrets, Scary Swizzling, Sorry Safety

Artificial Intelligence in Swift
The Simple Layout of a Complex Interface
  • Rob Napier

Back to Front to Left Wrist (2h)
  • Sean Olszewski Pivotal

Immutability: Perks and Quirks
  • Meng To Design+Code

Story of 2 indie devs, 1M+ annual revenue
  • Miriam Friedel

The workshop continues…
State Restoration - It’s like you never left
  • James Graham

iOS at Scale(ish)
Scaling iOS Architecture
Developing Conversational Interfaces for iOS
iOS Interviews Don’t Have To Be Hard
  • David Okun IBM

Collaboration by Design! “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?”
  • Lou Franco Trello

Tuesday, June 19

Day 2
Swift, Juggling, & You
Functional Magic in Swift
Powering Mobile eCommerce via Data Science
Building an iOS app with Cloud Firestore (1.5h)
Designing and Building With Accessibility in Mind
Core Bluetooth in Swift: A Primer

Sketching UI in Playgrounds
Advanced Dates and Times in Swift
Training Core ML With Your Mobile Camera During A Conference Talk (1.5h)
Great Forms 101
  • Anne Cahalan Detroit Labs

Under The Hood: Code Signing on iOS
Code Reviews – Establishing a Quality Culture
The Art of the Font
Building Great Tools with SwiftSyntax (1.5h)
Secrets and Lies
  • Jeff Kelley Detroit Labs

Closing Keynote: Using Your Superpowers for Good to Change the World!