Frequently Asked Questions

We want SwiftFest to be, as much as possible, a great learning experience for all of you. For this reason, we summarized the frequently asked questions so that you can find here the answers you are searching for easily.

1. Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes we do, the Code of Conduct is available here for your review. If you have questions or concerns about the Code of Conduct itself, or the behavior of any participants before, during or after the conference, you can email us at or reach out on twitter.

2. Do you have an app?

Yes! And it’s open source!

Get it on Google Play
3. Which is the speaker reimbursement policy?

We would love to be able to cover all speaker expenses, but as an independent conference in Boston, that’s tough. If you require financial assistance, please reach out to us once your talk has been selected and before June 9th so that we have time to get everything ready.

SwiftFest Boston 2019 provides the following support to our awesome speakers:

  • Up to $200 for domestic flights, up to $400 for international flights
  • Up to 2 nights at the conference hotel.

If your employer can accommodate your travel expenses, let us know and they will be listed as a community sponsor on all our media.

4. How can I understand the content of the conference while you build the agenda?

Also this year, SwiftFest content is distributed in two tracks hosted in the main theatres and four different workshops.

The main topics of the two tracks can be summarized as following.

Track 1: Swift Soul       Track 2: Swift Overloaded
- Swift       - ARKit
- Architecture       - Machine Learning
- Interaction Patterns       - Platforms (WatchOS, CarPlay)
- Security       - Reactive programming
- Kits       - Cross-platform development
- Notifications       - Design / UI / UX
- Health       - Development culture
- Domains and Intents       - Tools
- TDD       - Accessibility
5. Do you offer any scholarship or travel support?

We offer a Diversity and Inclusion program to support as much as we can the inclusion of everyone in SwiftFest. To apply for available resources, please read carefully the section dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion available online. If you have any question please email us at

6. Do you offer any special ticket for students?

Yes we do, the tickets for students are on sale for just $99 through our sale website and it will be on sale until the starting day of the conference.

7. Where can I find the logistic information?

We summarized all the information about the venue, public transportation, hotel on this page; if you need further information or any special assistance please email us at or reach out on twitter.